Application of good governance principles in Lithuanian local authorities



Non-Governmental Organisations’ Information and Support Centre with a partners Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania and Norwegian NGO “Change the World” implemented the project “Application of good governance principles in Lithuanian local authorities”, financed by the  European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms.

The aim of the project – to improve the public management system in problematical and small municipalities in order to raise public sector’s workers competencies and attract new/additional sources of funding (like the EU Structural funds and similar).


  • Improving municipalities and public service providers public and administrative abilities to apply the principles of good governance;
  • To assist municipalities to effectively take advantage of potential funding sources on important local issues;
  • To impart good Norwegian experience in various areas of public policy at the local level.

During the project we worked directly to 10 local authorities*:

  • Trainings to municipalities, analysing ways of delivering public services, conveying the best Norwegian experience, were organised. Participants - the members of councils, administration and public services providers. Two training sessions were organised - one-day session in 10 municipalities (September, 2015), two-days session in 10 municipalities (November-December, 2015). During the trainings good governance and NGO councils strengthening themes have been analysed through good governance topics, including strategic planning, partnership, teamwork and public services, through the NGO capacity.
  • Consultations to municipalities how to install the principles of good governance, to develop and implement NGOs Boards’ strategic plans were organised by phone +370 5 2618782, by e-mail and were individual visits to municipalities. Consulting based on the municipality situation analysis, evaluation of the documentation and the provision of recommendations for their improvement. This activity was directly linked to the main goal of the project and was core source on providing information and advice to the project’s participants between the training events.
  • The conference was organised on February 18th, 2016 and was held at the University of applied Social Science in Vilnius. During the event, recommendations, other analyses and the results achieved during the trainings were presented, as well as Norwegian experience. Contact making activities were organised. This event finalised the results of the project and prepared it’s continuation.

*municipalities involved in the project: Anykščių, Druskininkų, Elektrėnų, Jonavos, Jurbarko, Molėtų, Tauragės, Telšių, Ukmergės, Švenčionių.


Time Agenda
09.30 – 10.30 Welcome coffee/ tea. Registration.
10.30 – 10.40 Moderator: Gabija Skucaite, President, University of Applied Social Sciences

  • Roma Zakaitiene, Director of Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania
10.40 – 11.10 Project “Good Governance Standard Application in the Lithuanian Municipalities” Results and Way Forward
11.10 – 11.30 Indicators for the National Programme of Progress: Preparedness of Municipalities to Hand Over at Least 15% of Public Services to the NGO Sector
11.30 – 11.50 Government Institutions, NGOs and Citizen Attitudes Towards Co-operation in Public Policy Decision Making
12.00 – 12.30 Coffee Break
12.30 – 13.00 Co-operation Among NGOs and Municipalities: Presentation of the Case Studies
13.00 – 13.30 Co-operation Among Norwegian Municipalities and the NGOs
13.30 – 14.30 Lunch Break
14.30 – 16.00 Break-out into the Working Groups:
  • Culture and Arts
  • Sports (professional and amateur)
  • Social and Health issues
  • Education (formal and non-formal)
16.30 – 17.30 Presentation of the Working-groups’ Results. Closure.

Contact information:
Public Relations Officer Indrė Viliūnienė,, tel.: 8 52313698, 8 618 58706;
Adviser dr. Gediminas Vaičionis,, tel.:8 52615456, 8 611 14810.
Project manager Olia Surdokienė,; tel.: 8 5 2618782, 8 670 36796.